September 30, 2023


Bitcoin News

  • Bank of Spain approves the registration of Coinbase as a bitcoin exchange24 Sep 2023 06:28The Bank of Spain has given the go-ahead to Coinbase, the second bitcoin (BTC) exchange with the highest global trading volume, to operate legally in that country. In a statement, the company based and with the largest presence in the United States, said that users in Spain “will now have access to cryptoasset custody services; buy or […]
  • expands – Binance withdraws BaFin application29 Jul 2023 expands - Binance withdraws BaFin applicationThe market is increasingly consolidating. After an initial wave of insolvencies and closures, access to the individual markets is now shifting. In Germany, Nuri was affected and had to be wound up in October 2022. Change is also on the horizon in the Netherlands, as LiteBit voluntarily struck sail, allowing Bitvavo to take over its […]
  • Italian Central Bank supports DeFi project with Polygon participation27 Jul 2023 12:10Italian Central Bank supports DeFi project with PolygonParticipants in Cetif Advisory’s DeFi asset tokenization project include Polygon Labs and Fireblocks. The Italian central bank’s Milano Hub innovation center will support a project by Cetif Advisory to explore a securities token ecosystem for institutional decentralized financial services (DeFi). While the project has no “commercial intentions,” it will “expand the scope of research” next […]
  • Ripple applies for crypto license in the UK23 Jul 2023 07:52Ripple applies for crypto license in the UKAfter the important victory at home, Ripple is pushing ahead with its own expansion efforts in Europe. Crypto payments service provider Ripple has applied for registration as a crypto asset service provider with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The company is simultaneously seeking a payment license in Ireland as part of its expansion efforts […]
  • Tesla holds on to Bitcoin! Stocks remain constant in Q220 Jul 2023 10:10Tesla holds on to BitcoinTesla’s second quarter 2023 results, released on July 19, show that Tesla’s Bitcoin holdings remained unchanged at $184 million. This is the fourth consecutive quarter that Elon Musk’s company has maintained its holdings of digital assets. After buying $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin in 2021, Tesla sold 75% of it in 2022 and now retains […]
  • Binance: Profits fall – cost cutting is the order of the day19 Jul 2023 07:32Binance Profits fall - cost cutting is the order of the dayHowever, an insider revealed that the layoff is due to the company’s commitment to nurture talent to prepare for the next bull market. Since its inception, Binance has hired nearly 8,000 employees from different parts of the world. However, due to the continuous layoffs at the exchange, the number is expected to drop to 7,000 […]
  • Global rules for crypto exchanges? These are the plans of the G2018 Jul 2023 10:45Global rules for crypto exchangesMembers of the Financial Stability Board (FSB) are recommending new global regulations for crypto exchanges. These include measures to mitigate risk and avoid conflicts of interest. More transparency for crypto exchanges The FSB is an international financial institution, which consists of representatives from the G20 and is responsible for monitoring and coordinating financial stability. As […]
  • SEC trial against Ripple ends with landmark ruling17 Jul 2023 10:58SEC trial against Ripple ends with landmark rulingThe SEC’s long-running case against Ripple Labs came to a conclusion. The verdict is mixed – but removes a burden from the crypto market. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had accused Ripple Labs and its founders Bradley Garlingshouse and Christian Larsen of selling securities with the XRP tokens without permission. After a three-year […]
  • SEC accepts Bitcoin ETF application from BlackRock, bull run starts?16 Jul 2023 09:29SEC accepts Bitcoin ETF application from BlackRockIn a sudden turn of events, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved BlackRock’s application for a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). This landmark decision is sending shockwaves through the crypto community and marks a major milestone on the road to widespread adoption of Bitcoin ETFs. Will we see a new era of crypto investing? […]
  • XRP returns to U.S. crypto exchanges after court ruling14 Jul 2023 10:56XRP returns to U.S. crypto exchanges after court rulingAfter a little over two years, many American crypto exchanges and crypto service providers are now taking the Ripple cryptocurrency back into their offerings. After Ripple Labs scored a major victory in federal court against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the company’s proprietary cryptocurrency XRP is returning to domestic crypto exchanges. In a […]
  • Bitcoin: Telegram enables credit card payments with BTC14 Jul 2023 08:04Telegram enables credit card payments with BTCThe TON network, founded by a Telegram team, now enables credit card payments with Bitcoin, TON and the stablecoin USDT. Users of the messenger can thus conveniently pay with crypto at their favorite stores. TON network enables credit card payments with Bitcoin The messenger Telegram, which is now used by around 700 million people worldwide, […]
  • Financial giant Vanguard invests $500 million in bitcoin mining12 Jul 2023 09:21Financial giant Vanguard invests $500 million in bitcoin miningWhile BlackRock is looking to the SEC for a Bitcoin spot ETF, Vanguard prefers to invest directly in the industry. And buys shares in mining companies on a large scale. The $7 trillion asset management giant Vanguard is boosting its mining stock holdings to more than $500 million. That’s according to documents filed with the […]
  • Money for all: this is the Coin project, which aims to give a universal income in cryptocurrencies12 Jul 2023 08:32income in cryptocurrenciesIf you have arrived here, it is because you have read the headline and, in addition to thinking: “what does this say? It is normal for you to think so. To this writer, all this also seems more like a dystopia than reality. But there are people who claim that it is possible. They are […]
  • Ex-SEC chief: “Bitcoin spot ETF should be approved”11 Jul 2023 07:44Bitcoin spot ETF should be approvedAfter the Bitcoin ETF filings by BlackRock and Co, the crypto market is waiting for the SEC. The former chief explains how the US Securities and Exchange Commission could proceed. In an interview with CNBC, former SEC chief Jay Clayton shared his perspective on the evolving regulatory landscape for Bitcoin ETFs. He explained that he […]
  • Who let the dogs out? The release of Shibarium is near10 Jul 2023 12:37“We are likely to release Shibarium at the Blockchain Futurist Conference,” said the creator of the memecoin whose price skyrocketed. The price of shiba inu (SHIB) is on the rise this Sunday, July 9. Within the top 100 cryptocurrencies and tokens with the highest market capitalization, SHIB leads the way. The rationale behind this rise […]
  • Coinbase was aware of potential violations, SEC says10 Jul 2023 08:00Coinbase was aware of potential violationsThe case of Coinbase vs. the SEC continues. Now the US Securities and Exchange Commission finds the crypto exchange’s defense contradictory and invalid. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has rejected crypto exchange Coinbase’s defense in the latest lawsuit. The latter previously claimed to have been unaware of any securities law violations due to […]
  • Binance: the rats leave the sinking ship09 Jul 2023 15:44Binance’s crisis is getting longer: several top executives have already announced their departure from Changpeng Zhao’s company.The cryptocurrency exchange has lost more than 20% market share. Binance‘s problems with the courts, predictably, are already having consequences. Its market share has fallen by more than 20% (to below 1%) and some of its top executives are […]
  • Bitcoin power consumption: can it be justified?08 Jul 2023 08:11Bitcoin power consumptionBitcoin power consumption is very high, there is nothing to shake. Is that justified? Why does Bitcoin consume so much power? A question that can be answered in three words: Proof of Work. This is the mechanism used by Bitcoin to secure the network. After all, it is decentralized and therefore has no central authority […]
  • Bitcoin is an “international financial product” – BlackRock boss praises BTC07 Jul 2023 19:12BlackRock boss praises BTCThe head of the “secret world power” BlackRock finds words of praise for Bitcoin and promotes a direct index fund of the market-leading cryptocurrency. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink spoke positively on American television about Bitcoin though probably not entirely altruistically, as the influential asset manager has only recently applied for a “direct ETF” for the […]
  • Investors rush into Bitcoin04 Jul 2023 18:31Investors rush into BitcoinOver $300 million has flowed into crypto investment products in two weeks. The altcoins pale against Bitcoin’s record. For the second week in a row, crypto investment products have posted positive net inflows. According to asset manager Coinshares, investments over the past 14 days totaled $334 million. Spending was highest in the largest cryptocurrency by […]
  • BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF application resubmitted!04 Jul 2023 12:09BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF application resubmitted!Nasdaq recently submitted an updated application for the iShares Bitcoin Trust. This comes just a week after reports that Nasdaq and the Chicago Board Options Exchange’s (Cboe) original filings for their Bitcoin (BCT) spot exchange traded funds (ETFs) were criticized by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for “lacking clarity and completeness.” Nasdaq’s updated filing […]
  • Did Satoshi Nakamoto reappear?04 Jul 2023 05:39Information has surfaced on the network that the anonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, went online, but what is true? On July 2, there were reports on Twitter that Satoshi Nakamoto reactivated his account. The claim stems from an activity on the developer’s account on the Bitcointalk forum. Did Satoshi Nakamoto reappear? Members of the crypto community discovered that the date […]
  • Goodbye Europe, Hallo Dubai03 Jul 2023 11:39Goodbye Europe, Hallo DubaiThe world’s largest crypto exchange Binance is facing increasingly harsh regulatory headwinds in Europe. Bafin’s rejection of a license application is just the icing on the cake. In contrast, the exchange is finding an attractive alternative in the United Arab Emirates. According to Finance Forward magazine, German financial regulator Bafin has denied the world’s largest […]
  • Bitcoin ETF applications resubmitted by Fidelity and Co.03 Jul 2023 11:31Bitcoin ETF applications resubmitted by Fidelity and Co.The SEC rejected a number of bitcoin ETF applications. Fidelity and Co. are now venturing a second attempt. But BlackRock is still missing. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and its chief Gary Gensler have their hands full. When rumors aren’t swirling that the agency chief’s chair has been sawed off, bitcoin spot ETF […]
  • Bit2Me enters the Treasury testing ground to develop its Security Token Exchange (STX) project.02 Jul 2023 16:48Bit2Me enters the Treasury testing ground to develop its Security Token Exchange (STX) projectBit2Me, the leading digital asset firm in the Spanish market, has entered the fifth cohort of the Tesoro Público’s financial sandbox with the ‘Bit2Me Security Tokens Exchange STX’ project, supervised by the CNMV. The financial sandbox allows the testing of technological innovations applicable to the financial system in a test environment controlled by the supervisory […]